Romney attacks: Obama tugs gently at the heartstrings

Andrew Sullivan is not happy with Mitt Romney's victory speech in Florida: 8.44 pm. Everything this man says is a lie. He's doubling down on the big lies I tried to counter in that Newsweek piece. The president Romney is describing does not exist. Obama is demonizing and denigrating every sector of the economy? ThatContinue reading “Romney attacks: Obama tugs gently at the heartstrings”

Is America getting weirder?

Forget the inescapable Tea Party for a second. Just consider: GOP voters nominated a woman to run for a Senate seat in a populous Eastern state whose signal achievement in life, seemingly, is not having sex.  Isn't that a little, um, peculiar?  Not an exaggeration. Here's Christine O'Donnell opining on the subject of procreation onContinue reading “Is America getting weirder?”