“Our reverenced god” — Moloch and The Gun

Four dead in NorCal — at least four. Another deranged gunman, armed for combat, targeting the innocent. This one tried to break into an elementary school and slaughter children but was foiled by a lockdown. Brian FlintĀ told a group of reportersĀ that a man staying in his house was one of those killed and that someContinue reading ““Our reverenced god” — Moloch and The Gun”

Stephen Colbert knows America on global warming

"Speaking of not knowing what to do — global warming!" Yours truly is not a big fan of the modern-day kings of irony, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but this segment on global warming, despite the slightly confusing opening, is hilarious…and, actually, quite insightful about the American public's reaction to the threat of global warming.Continue reading “Stephen Colbert knows America on global warming”

Is America getting weirder?

Forget the inescapable Tea Party for a second. Just consider: GOP voters nominated a woman to run for a Senate seat in a populous Eastern state whose signal achievement in life, seemingly, is not having sex.  Isn't that a little, um, peculiar?  Not an exaggeration. Here's Christine O'Donnell opining on the subject of procreation onContinue reading “Is America getting weirder?”