Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods

According to a story in the BBC, Gordon Brown, the newly-appointed Prime Minister, has with other officials in his government attributed the "extraordinary" flooding in England this year to climate change.

Mr Brown, in his No 10 press briefing, said climate change meant planning had to presume more extreme weather events.

That included boosting urban drainage systems to cope with heavier downpours.

Floods in Gloucestershire, the worst-affected county, have left thousands of people without a supply of drinking water.

The story quotes Brown:

"I think the emergency services have done a great job."

"Obviously like every advanced industrial
country we’re coming to terms with some of the issues surrounding
climate change. "




"It’s pretty clear that some of the 19th Century
structures we’re   dealing with – infrastructure and where they were
sited – that is something we’re going to have to review."

"This has been, if you like, a one in 150 years
set of incidents that has taken place in both Yorkshire and Humberside
and now in Gloucestershire and the Severn."

In the story, refering to climate change, Brown uses the word
"obviously." Obviously! What is obvious in the UK is still all but
unmentionable here in the USA, even in press coverage, which has yet to
mention climate change in reference to the flooding, despite the Prime
Minister’s statement.

Here’s a picture of Oxford’s ancient, great Port Meadow, almost completely flooded. Usually at this time of year the upper Thames would be a sliver of water in a sea of green; now, it’s the opposite. 


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods

  1. This really is the SUMMER of 2007 that might go down in history as the summer the world woke up to global warming’s realities…..not only UK, but Romania, Greece, China, the Earth is in revolt. !!!!


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