Cloudy with a Chance of Chaos

Tom Englehardt, of TomDispatch and The Nation, brings us a terrific essay by a Utah writer named Chip Ward. It focuses on what has gone wrong with bees in this country, with unusual depth (and grasp of the English language), but also offers a way forward different from our present path, and touches on theContinue reading “Cloudy with a Chance of Chaos”

Jet Stream Shift Over Europe: Climate Change…or Not?

Below is a nice map, courtesy of the BBC, showing the shift in the jet stream bringing unprecedented rain and flooding to the UK. As Kim Murphy put it for the Los Angeles Times today: Few scientists are ready to immediately blame the quirky weather on global warming. For one thing, current climate change trendsContinue reading “Jet Stream Shift Over Europe: Climate Change…or Not?”

Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods

According to a story in the BBC, Gordon Brown, the newly-appointed Prime Minister, has with other officials in his government attributed the "extraordinary" flooding in England this year to climate change. Mr Brown, in his No 10 press briefing, said climate change meant planning had to presume more extreme weather events. That included boosting urbanContinue reading “Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods”