Here’s the image that inspired scientist Bill Patzert to call a particularly epic El Niño “Godzilla.”                                   See that monster lurking off Central America? With the jagged jaws and the beady little green eye? Here’s the story that explains whyContinue reading “FORECAST: GODZILLA”

Leading British scientist links warming to flooding

In this country, scientists have been historically averse to link weather disasters — such as flooding caused by huge storms — to climate change. The scientific cliche is well-known: No single meteorological event can be caused by climate change.  A leading theorist of climate communications, Naomi Oreskes of UC San Diego argues that the generalContinue reading “Leading British scientist links warming to flooding”

Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…

Chris Mooney is now reporting on climate for Grist, which is great news in and of itself. His latest post looks at the huge and deadly floods of this past week in Colorado, and tries to answer the obvious question — did climate change contribute to or worsen these floods? The answer is not aContinue reading “Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…”

The Seven Steps of Global Warming (a primer for deniers, by Toles)

According to Wunderblog's Jeff Masters. this month we've seen $2 billion damage on the Mississippi, a diastrous 300-year flood in Alberta, and flooding in Colombia the likes of which has never been seen. He quotes Colombia's president, Juan Manuel Santos, who after 500+ deaths, said, "the tragedy the country is going through has no precedents in ourContinue reading “The Seven Steps of Global Warming (a primer for deniers, by Toles)”

Horrific Flooding in Asia — as predicted by the IPCC

One-fifth of Pakistan is now underwater, the headlines say. Thousands have died, and this is expected to go down as one of "the worst natural disasters in history." But how "natural" is this disaster, really?  Just an hour ago the Associated Press posted the first news story to look at the flooding in Asia, theContinue reading “Horrific Flooding in Asia — as predicted by the IPCC”

Jet Stream Shift Over Europe: Climate Change…or Not?

Below is a nice map, courtesy of the BBC, showing the shift in the jet stream bringing unprecedented rain and flooding to the UK. As Kim Murphy put it for the Los Angeles Times today: Few scientists are ready to immediately blame the quirky weather on global warming. For one thing, current climate change trendsContinue reading “Jet Stream Shift Over Europe: Climate Change…or Not?”

Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods

According to a story in the BBC, Gordon Brown, the newly-appointed Prime Minister, has with other officials in his government attributed the "extraordinary" flooding in England this year to climate change. Mr Brown, in his No 10 press briefing, said climate change meant planning had to presume more extreme weather events. That included boosting urbanContinue reading “Leader of UK Sees Climate Change in England Floods”