McKibben stands up for the climate against Obama admin

Bill McKibben vs. Obama administrators:

In March, 2009, the White House invited leaders of environmental organizations to a meeting. The invitees thought they were going to hear about the president’s strategy on climate change, in preparation for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December. And they did — aides to the administration’s environmental adviser Carol Browner, its green jobs adviser Van Jones and Nancy Sutley, the head of the Council on Environmental Quality, gave out a one-page memo. The key point: don’t talk about climate change. Don’t even use the phrase. The president was trying to pass an economic recovery bill that included $90 billion in green projects — the groups should talk about clean energy jobs instead.

Betsy Taylor, a political strategist on climate change, recalled that the only person who stood up was the author and environmental activist Bill McKibben. “This is going to come back and haunt us,” he said.

A little sad, a lot inspirational:

(A Change in the Weather, from Tina Rosenberg)


McKibben currently is on the road with the issue in his Do the Math tour. 

One thought on “McKibben stands up for the climate against Obama admin

  1. Good for McKibben. But now that Obama has won a 2nd term, maybe we will see some proactive measures from the White House.
    Three things come to mind –
    a) green tax on gasoline
    b) more nuclear power stations
    c) despite solyndra, more emphasis and support for green power research.



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