Climate warriors in Vogue: Hindou Oumaro Ibrahim

A feature in Vogue focuses on thirteen “climate warriors” at the Paris climate conference (#COP21) from around the world. It’s beautiful — and the words of these women hit home. HINDOU OUMAROU IBRAHIM Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is from the Sahel region of Chad, where devastating droughts and floods are now the norm. As cochair ofContinue reading “Climate warriors in Vogue: Hindou Oumaro Ibrahim”

A day in Paris for the climate

Where does one start with the news from Paris, from COP21? With the speech from the President? Images from the fantastically imaginative demonstrations from the day before, in defiance of police authority, of shoes left in protest in the Place de la Republique? Or with the fatalism of so many scientists, who agree that theContinue reading “A day in Paris for the climate”

Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs

In a talk in the largest room at the Moscone Center of the American Geophysical Union today, Jeff Sachs, an economist from Columbia-Doherty, currently working for the United Nations, said frankly that the meeting of nations in Paris next year will be the world's "last chance" at climate safety.  Sachs just came from the climateContinue reading “Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs”

Funny-but-wise poem about Paris and dogs

You don't come across too many funny-but-wise poems in the world today, for whatever reason. Sharp, cutting, intense, brilliant, shocking poems, sure, but funny? Not so much. So here — let's celebrate one such surprise winner, from Poetry Daily: Disgust There's a preponderance of dog shit in Paris but no one says so, attracted toContinue reading “Funny-but-wise poem about Paris and dogs”