Horror in Happy Valley: The Jerry Sandusky Movie

The scene: a nice little college town, where everyone is happy and peppy and civic minded, and really loves the football team. Someone from Colorado or someplace, transfers into town for a new job and … starts noticing things. It turns out that the town patriarch (Paterno) isn’t even the ruler… Something Else is… AContinue reading “Horror in Happy Valley: The Jerry Sandusky Movie”

Tennessee Williams tells a story about Truman Capote

From Dotson Rader's great, great Tennessee: Cry of the Heart, 1985 Rader writes: Tennessee went on to talk about the one time Truman came to Key West.  "It was two years ago. he had flown to Key West from Mexico, where he was to stay with Mrs. [Lee] Radiwill but left in a hurry becauseContinue reading “Tennessee Williams tells a story about Truman Capote”

The usefulness of forgetting: Tennessee Williams

  "A bad memory is a great convenience."    Tennessee Williams, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, 1950   The quote is from the nouvella. Here's the poster from the first movie made of this story.    [My god, what a cast! Lotte Lenya?!? Who was nominated for Best Supporting for the role? I haveContinue reading “The usefulness of forgetting: Tennessee Williams”

Hurricane Irene disappoints jaded New Yorkers

In the aftermath of the hurricane, came complaints about hype: Was Hurricane Irene a disappointment?  Media analyst Howard Kurtz says yes. After all, Irene wasn't even a hurricane when it made landfall in NYC. Other New Yorkers are equally dismissive: A NYC gossip site called Irene The Sudden Sex Celebrity without Much Bang. Scallywag wrote: Continue reading “Hurricane Irene disappoints jaded New Yorkers”

Tennessee Williams: Sex positive activist

Although considered politically naive by some, Tennessee Williams did know how to make a scene. Especially when it came to love.  If you want the unbuttoned Tennessee Williams, you have to read Dotson Rader's entertaining Cry of the Heart. It's a wonderfully breezy and entertaining book about the mature Tennessee Williams, but even better, it's a sortContinue reading “Tennessee Williams: Sex positive activist”

Jack Warner meets Tennessee Williams (or thinks he does)

From Dotson Rader's spectacularly colorful memoir of Tennessee Williams, Cry of the Heart, about his much older friend and lover, here's a note about Williams and Los Angeles:  "Los Angeles [was] a city Tennessee hated more than any other in the world.  "I always feel like a whore there," [he said]. "I don't appreciate worksContinue reading “Jack Warner meets Tennessee Williams (or thinks he does)”

As men become weaker, movie heroes get stronger

That's according to a Harvard psychologist quoted in yesterday's Los Angeles Times.  “As men have lost more economic power, more social power, they’ve wanted to look more pumped up,” [Emily] Fox-Kales said, pointing to the recent recession that disproportionately hit male-dominated jobs like construction and manufacturing. “Muscles have become an accessory, like pickup trucks.” TheContinue reading “As men become weaker, movie heroes get stronger”

The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex

The New York Times has many famous columnists, and one funny one: Gail Collins. Which brings us to sex. What is it with Republicans lately? Is there something about being a leader of the family-values party that makes you want to go out and commit adultery? They certainly don’t have a lock on the infidelityContinue reading “The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex”

First draft advice from Tennessee Williams

I believe that the way to write a good play is to convince yourself that it is easy to do — then go ahead and do it. Don't maul, don't suffer, don't groan — till the first draft is finished. Then Calvary — but not till then. Doubt — and be lost — until the first draft isContinue reading “First draft advice from Tennessee Williams”

Surgeon resigns post for encouraging semen for women

The editor of an American College of Surgeon's publication has been forced to resign for remarks considered sexist. He wrote, from his post atop a bastion of male privilege, on Valentine's Day, that semen is good for women, bodily and emotionally, better even than chocolate. The argument focused on semen's physical powers; as evidence, he citedContinue reading “Surgeon resigns post for encouraging semen for women”