How to start a conversation: David Brooks

David Brooks, the conservative columnist for The New York Times, can be irritating to a Californian:  During his first term, President Obama faced a wicked problem: How do you govern in a highly polarized, evenly divided country with House Republicans who seem unwilling to compromise?  The GOP did not "seem" to be unwilling to compromise.Continue reading “How to start a conversation: David Brooks”

The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex

The New York Times has many famous columnists, and one funny one: Gail Collins. Which brings us to sex. What is it with Republicans lately? Is there something about being a leader of the family-values party that makes you want to go out and commit adultery? They certainly don’t have a lock on the infidelityContinue reading “The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex”

Obama in trouble, lefties and righties agree

From conservative David Brooks, on public radio Friday, when asked — as the President suggested — if it's true that President Obama has a communications problem: Mr. BROOKS: Yeah. Well, maybe the Titanic had a communications problem with the iceberg. You know, I just think it's a wrong diagnosis. You know, 60 or 70 percentContinue reading “Obama in trouble, lefties and righties agree”

Meet the New Boss: Progressive Capitalism

I’m not a big fan of David Brooks, and think he’s far more of an ideologue and less of a free-thinker than he realizes, but when he’s right, he’s right. We as a nation have turned a corner. For better or worse, a new era awaits us: Progressive Capitalism Over the next few years, theContinue reading “Meet the New Boss: Progressive Capitalism”