Missing in India: Vultures

Of all the stories I have heard of in this year's environmental journalism convention (held in New Orleans) none dropped my jaw quite like Meera Subramanian's long-form piece in VQR India's Vanishing Vultures.  I hope to quote just enough to convince you folks to read the whole thing — it's just great. And it's worthContinue reading “Missing in India: Vultures”

Cyclone Phailin may be strongest storm ever to hit India

Eric Holthaus tweets an eye-opener: Cyclone Phailin is set to become the strongest India has ever seen http://t.co/mAKhmgwW7g http://t.co/lNgBNOZb0P — Quartz (@qz) October 11, 2013 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js He tells the story with intense power, beginning (interestingly) with the NOAA image.  Yet it's possible he buries the lede, as at the end of the story he casuallyContinue reading “Cyclone Phailin may be strongest storm ever to hit India”

Rickshaw Run: the ultimate journey-not-destination

Nick Anderman, a near-relative — my daughter's boyfriend — is with three other friends adventuring through India in a fundraising race via underpowered ricksaw, which, as this writer for the Atlantic points out this month, is pretty much the ultimate journey-not-destination. Nick and his pals are avoiding the big cities because they're impossible to cross in aContinue reading “Rickshaw Run: the ultimate journey-not-destination”

Multi, Extremely, and Totally Drug-Resistant TB: TDR-TB

Sometimes change is easier to hear in language than it is to contextualize in reality. My meager understanding of tuberculosis cannot be expected to grade the seriousness of the news that several new strains of the disease have been found in populations in India and Iran. This sounds alarming, but after all, medical researchers haveContinue reading “Multi, Extremely, and Totally Drug-Resistant TB: TDR-TB”