“Our reverenced god” — Moloch and The Gun

Four dead in NorCal — at least four. Another deranged gunman, armed for combat, targeting the innocent. This one tried to break into an elementary school and slaughter children but was foiled by a lockdown. Brian FlintĀ told a group of reportersĀ that a man staying in his house was one of those killed and that someContinue reading ““Our reverenced god” — Moloch and The Gun”

The usefulness of the random: Astrology

Astrology cannot be taken seriously, and yet I cannot entirely escape my daily sentence (aka "horoscope") in the newspaper. But I'm not the only one with mixed feelings about it. At times, for example, Jung scoffed: Astrology is a naively projected psychology  in which the different attitudes and temperaments of man are represented as gods Continue reading “The usefulness of the random: Astrology”

The wisdom of Carl Jung on Eros and love (not)

In my medical experience as well as in my own life I have again and again been faced with the mystery of love, and have never been able to explain what it is. Like Job, I have had to “lay my hand on my mouth. I have spoken once, and I will not answer.”

–Carl Jung

At such times I knew I was worthy of myself: Jung

From C.J. Jung's "Memories, Dreams, Reflections," chapter two ("School Years"):

Nothing could persuade me that "in the image of God" applied only to man. In fact it seemed to me that the high mountains, the rivers, lakes, trees, flowers, and animals far better exemplified the essence of God than men with their ridiculous clothes, their meanness, vanity, mendacity, and abhorrent egotism — all qualities with which I was only too familiar from myself, that is, from personality No. 1, the schoolboy of 1890. Besides his world there existed another realm, like a temple in which anyone who entered was transformed and suddenly overpowered by a vision of the whole cosmos, so that he could only marvel and admire, forgetful of himself. 

Breath is God’s intent to keep us living: Mary Karr

The inimitable Mary Karr, author of the spectacular Liar's Club and Cherry, among other excoriatingly beautiful works, is known as a memorist, but deserves to be as well-known as her poetry. She has a clutch of good ones in this month's Poetry magazine (wonderfully laid out and free on-line, as always).  This one is aboutContinue reading “Breath is God’s intent to keep us living: Mary Karr”

Tree of Life: Does God love us in an abusive way?

I provoke, but really, that is the question that burns beneath the beautiful surfaces of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life. I say this as an agnostic, as one who dislikes theology and theologians, but as one who (like many other critics) finds that this movie "touches me so much I can barely stand it."   The storyContinue reading “Tree of Life: Does God love us in an abusive way?”

What does this devastating earthquake say about God?

It's an age-old question that has arisen again, after the earthquake in Japan, in a most unlikely place — a remarkable front-page think piece by Scott Gold and Hector Becerra in the Los Angles Times this past Saturday morning.  Not having the ability to look at the event from the inside, because they weren't on the scene,Continue reading “What does this devastating earthquake say about God?”

Rush Limbaugh Mistakes Himself for God

A "joke" Limbaugh told in his weekend speech to the Conservative Political Action Caucus to show that he's not pompous or arrogant: Larry King passed away, goes to heaven. He's greeted by Saint Peter at the gates. Saint Peter says, "Welcome, Mr. King, it's great to have you here. I want to show you around,Continue reading “Rush Limbaugh Mistakes Himself for God”