The Politics of Fear: Right vs. Left

Last week Andrew Sullivan gave the mic to a National Review editor named Peter Suderman, among others, who has posted on the petty-minded Planet Gore. (That’s the right-wing website devoted to the proposition that global warming is Al Gore’s doing, and if we can just make enough fun of him personally, the whole problem willContinue reading “The Politics of Fear: Right vs. Left”

The Taxing Solution to Global Warming

A carbon tax is not a new idea; heck, The Economist proposed a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in l998. But the fact that a few idealistic conservatives (yes, the species still exists) are backing a carbon tax now is news. Especially since just two years ago Andrew Sullivan, the leader of theContinue reading “The Taxing Solution to Global Warming”

A Few Good Posts

The Sad Guardian of the Carrizo Plain (8/20/05) Sorry, Mr. Sullivan. Sorry, Mr. Kennedy (8/30/05) Land of a Billion Bonus Points (10/4/05) If John Lennon Were Still Here…  (12/9/05) Bush A "Dissenter" on Global Warming (2/19/06) The Future Taps Us on the Shoulder (3/16/06) "My Life is My Message" (4/29/06) Global Warming: #2 on theContinue reading “A Few Good Posts”