Scary graph of the day: Arctic sea ice

Via ClimateProgress: Commenting on the trend, Mark Serreze, director of the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center told the Vancouver Sun: There are claims coming from some communities that the Arctic sea ice is recovering, is getting thicker again. That's simply not the case. It's continuing down in a death spiral. Serreze may be thinkingContinue reading “Scary graph of the day: Arctic sea ice”

Climate Stability to Vanish in the 2020’s: Dr. Jeff Masters

Dr. Jeff Masters, a scientist, hurricane watcher, founder of a national Internet weather site, and as respected as any meteorologist in the public eye known to this journalist, predicts when climate stability will collapse: There were 88 presentations on arctic sea ice at the 2008 AGU [American Geophysical Union] conference. None of the presenters expressedContinue reading “Climate Stability to Vanish in the 2020’s: Dr. Jeff Masters”

Could a Lack of Arctic Ice Bring Drought to Southwest?

That’s the theory emerging from young researcher Jacob Sewall, now at the University of Virginia, as explained in this thoughtful story from Rob Krier. I hope to have a chance to take a long look for myself at this question. Three years ago, computer forecast models predicted that in 2050, the reduced ice mass wouldContinue reading “Could a Lack of Arctic Ice Bring Drought to Southwest?”