Denier at Watts Up with That: Sandy not really a hurricane

At climate change denier central, Watts Up with That, Willis Eschenbach wrote on Monday:  I had said a couple of days ago, when Sandy was a hurricane, that it would not be a hurricane when it hit the coast. How did that go? Well, as of the time that this location and projection of the pathContinue reading “Denier at Watts Up with That: Sandy not really a hurricane”

Scary graph of the day: Arctic sea ice

Via ClimateProgress: Commenting on the trend, Mark Serreze, director of the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center told the Vancouver Sun: There are claims coming from some communities that the Arctic sea ice is recovering, is getting thicker again. That's simply not the case. It's continuing down in a death spiral. Serreze may be thinkingContinue reading “Scary graph of the day: Arctic sea ice”

The reductio ad absurdum of climate change skepticism

Because the vast majority of scientists on the planet agree that climate change is happening, and because this consensus view is shared even among most members of the public — although that consensus is eroding — the curious result is that most of the discussion about global warming is now happening at the ideological fringesContinue reading “The reductio ad absurdum of climate change skepticism”

Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed

Is my headline an exaggeration of reality?  If you ask a denier site such as Watts Up With That, no doubt they would scoff, and say it's the usual natural variability. But deniers not only ignore the bad news about global warming obvious to most people on the ground, in places like Sydney and SoCal,Continue reading “Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed”