A persistent La Niña leads to a long stretch of dryness

This year national weather and climate forecasters said they saw a La Niña condition developing in the Pacific, and promised dryness, as they did last year. This year, for virtually all of California, and much of the nation as well, they've been right. Here's the drought forecast, in a graphic from NOAA [National Oceanographic and AtmosphericContinue reading “A persistent La Niña leads to a long stretch of dryness”

Climate Stability to Vanish in the 2020’s: Dr. Jeff Masters

Dr. Jeff Masters, a scientist, hurricane watcher, founder of a national Internet weather site, and as respected as any meteorologist in the public eye known to this journalist, predicts when climate stability will collapse: There were 88 presentations on arctic sea ice at the 2008 AGU [American Geophysical Union] conference. None of the presenters expressedContinue reading “Climate Stability to Vanish in the 2020’s: Dr. Jeff Masters”

Dr. Jeff Masters on the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Dr. Jeff Masters, best known as a hurricane watcher for Wunderblog, is respected enough across the political spectrum such that it is possible — not likely, but possible — that his warning about the dangers of replicating the PETM will be taken seriously. So it's worth a look. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution,Continue reading “Dr. Jeff Masters on the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum”

Real Hurricane to Hit New York on Tax Day?

That’s what Dr. Jeff Masters, a forecaster’s forecaster, is suggesting. Category 1, mind you, but still! If the worst case scenarios of the models come true, the Tax Day Storm of 2007 could cause extensive moderate to severe coastal flooding, costing hundreds of millions of dollars. The areas at highest risk appear to be NewContinue reading “Real Hurricane to Hit New York on Tax Day?”

Changes in Outlook, Changes in Look

Special thanks to Alberto Berio, of Artillery Unit (see design link below right) for helping with the new look. Comments, complaints, discussion welcome as always. But now on to more serious topics, treated (I hope) with our customary blend of fact and irreverence. To wit, here’s a Tom Toles’ sketch on the upcoming hurricane season…andContinue reading “Changes in Outlook, Changes in Look”