When the GOP cared about air pollution: Obama

Today President Obama gave a speech on climate, and reminded the world that once we had a political consensus on the need to reduce pollution in our atmosphere.  Forty-three years ago, Congress passed a law called the Clean Air Act of 1970.  (Applause.)  It was a good law.  The reasoning behind it was simple:  NewContinue reading “When the GOP cared about air pollution: Obama”

Obama accepts inaction on climate as bill dies in Senate

Tim Dickinson blames Obama for what became official today: the comprehensive energy/climate bill is dead. David Roberts blames Republicans and centrist Democrats, and sees no silver lining.  Yet at the same time, as numerous publications have pointed out, the coal industry has lost its mojo, in part because of campaigns such as the Sierra Club'sContinue reading “Obama accepts inaction on climate as bill dies in Senate”

Barack on the Verge of Triumph in Pennsylvania

Though still trailing in the polls, the possibility of eking out a victory in Pennsylvania and deep-sixing Hillary Clinton has Obama backers, including me, hoping and praying. Some examples: A reporter from the UK Telegraph reports on the excitement: In an effort to rebut Mrs Clinton’s charge that he does nothing more than give "woop-de-dooContinue reading “Barack on the Verge of Triumph in Pennsylvania”