A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth

By God, an issue has cropped up in this three-person race for the Presidency, and two candidates have shown themselves ready and willing to become Panderer-in-Chief, and one has not. Numerous commentators have made the point: James Fallows: The pandering and ignorance-across-party-lines represented by the John McCain-Hillary Clinton united front for a temporary reduction inContinue reading “A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth”

Barack on the Verge of Triumph in Pennsylvania

Though still trailing in the polls, the possibility of eking out a victory in Pennsylvania and deep-sixing Hillary Clinton has Obama backers, including me, hoping and praying. Some examples: A reporter from the UK Telegraph reports on the excitement: In an effort to rebut Mrs Clinton’s charge that he does nothing more than give "woop-de-dooContinue reading “Barack on the Verge of Triumph in Pennsylvania”

“Humility and Remorse”: A Southern Baptist Conversion on Climate Change

Jonathan Merritt is a young theologian in Atlanta who broke into the national conversation this month by championing within the conservative Southern Baptist faith the declaration of a new set of principles regarding creation care and climate change. While noting continuing debate on some global warming questions, the declaration made a point of stating thatContinue reading ““Humility and Remorse”: A Southern Baptist Conversion on Climate Change”

Hillary: Bush Declared War on Science

In a speech on the anniversary of the Sputnik launch, Hillary Clinton said today:

Fifty years ago, Sputnik marked the dawn of the Space Age and the
beginning of a new era filled with new challenges. Fifty years later,
there is no single, galvanizing event to steel our resolve and to lift
our eyes to the heavens. The challenges we face are more complex and
interconnected. From the rise of globalization to the threat of global
warming. These challenges require big ideas and bold thinking.

But instead of fostering a climate of discovery and
innovation, the Bush administration has declared war on science. The
record is breathtaking: