New study reconfirms warming, makes papers b/f review

With publication of a column in the NYTimes over the weekend, the "cantankerous" former skeptic on seriousness of climate change, physicist Richard Muller, announced his team at Berkeley Earth's latest findings. Here's the central graph, correlating greenhouse gas emissions to the rise in temps: Muller writes: "The historic temperature pattern we observed has abrupt dipsContinue reading “New study reconfirms warming, makes papers b/f review”

Climate change skeptic turns on deniers: some details

Eugene Robinson wraps up the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project results in an op-ed for the Washington Post:  [Richard] Muller found that skeptics are wrong when they claim that a “heat island” effect from urbanization is skewing average temperature readings; monitoring instruments in rural areas show rapid warming, too. He found that skeptics are wrongContinue reading “Climate change skeptic turns on deniers: some details”

Best time to hike in the Sierra

For the underemployed — now. Right after Labor Day. The kids have gone back to school, the Austrians have gone home, the drones have returned to their cubicles — the trails are yours, if you so choose.  Here's a new loop I'm checking out, starting Tuesday, featuring Deadman's Canyon, which I have heard from reliableContinue reading “Best time to hike in the Sierra”