Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?

For 10k? I hope so. Someone did today, anonymously, at an auction I happened to cover. No one in our culture has loved Crazy Horse better than Neil Young. No one individual better deserves a chance to have a beaded jacket that appears to be (at least through the Internet) more of a sacred vestmentContinue reading “Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?”

Buffalo Springfield again — after forty-two years

This has to be some sort of rock and roll record: Forty-two years after breaking up in acrimony and bitterness, the band known as Buffalo Springfield reunited for Neil Young's annual Bridge School Concert in Mountain View, this weekend.  They headlined the seven-hour, eight-band concert, and, remarkably, lived up to the billing, outshining excellent perfsContinue reading “Buffalo Springfield again — after forty-two years”