Neil Young: Meet Stephen Harper (of Canada)

Early this year Neil Young toured Canada as part of anti tar-sands effort, allying himself with the First Nations groups who accuse Canada of ruining their ancestral lands. This prompted an angry response from Stephen Harper, the climate change denying and oil promoting Prime Minister. And a cute cartoon… What rock star action in theContinue reading “Neil Young: Meet Stephen Harper (of Canada)”

For the Turnstiles: Ben Keith and Neil Young live

In honor of the release this week of a new Neil Young record, his 60th, here's a live version of his exquisite "For the Turnstiles," performed with his late great friend and co-conspirator Ben Keith: Visual quality just okay: sound quality excellent. How the hell does Young get so much reverb out of an acousticContinue reading “For the Turnstiles: Ben Keith and Neil Young live”

Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?

For 10k? I hope so. Someone did today, anonymously, at an auction I happened to cover. No one in our culture has loved Crazy Horse better than Neil Young. No one individual better deserves a chance to have a beaded jacket that appears to be (at least through the Internet) more of a sacred vestmentContinue reading “Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?”

Bob Dylan: He’s back and he’s electric — again

Once upon a time in rock and roll, a great rock star, set off by something called Johnny Rotten. wondered out loud in song if rock and roll demanded a fiery, perhaps suicidal finale. Neil Young set off a storm with the idea, on Rust Never Sleeps, one of his greatest albums, and among hisContinue reading “Bob Dylan: He’s back and he’s electric — again”

Every song you’ve always wanted to hear covered (here)

Searching for a reliable guide to Neil Young covers, I stumble upon a wildly popular site that tracks all rock covers ever: Cover Me. For music fans, this is not to be missed. Are you unconvinced? You want an example? Okay, how about a wonderful Wilco cover of a great song by Neil Young inContinue reading “Every song you’ve always wanted to hear covered (here)”

Neil Young Puts On No Airs

Nice piece in a UK paper on Neil Young at the Berlin Film Fest. The admiring reporter/critic brings out a number of details Young would call "innaresting" — such as the fact that Neil ordered his old pals Crosby, Stills, and Nash around on the last tour. He took that right since he released theContinue reading “Neil Young Puts On No Airs”

Too Busy for Beauty

Would passers-by notice if one of the greatest violinists in the world today worked the street in Washington, D.C.? Today the Washington Post magazine runs a fascinating piece by Gene Weingarten called Pearls Before Breakfast to find out. The answer, essentially, is "no." But there were a couple of exceptions. One was a former violinist:Continue reading “Too Busy for Beauty”