Butch Cassidy’s last chance goes for 175k

The auction covered here last Sunday really was fascinating, for all sorts of reasons. Who knew that Butch Cassidy thought he had a chance at a peaceful, law-abiding life, even after becoming infamous for robbery?  Different time, different place.  (Here's the basics, plus some of the backstory, for the curious.)  And here's a pic fromContinue reading “Butch Cassidy’s last chance goes for 175k”

Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?

For 10k? I hope so. Someone did today, anonymously, at an auction I happened to cover. No one in our culture has loved Crazy Horse better than Neil Young. No one individual better deserves a chance to have a beaded jacket that appears to be (at least through the Internet) more of a sacred vestmentContinue reading “Did Neil Young just buy Crazy Horse’s beaded jacket?”