A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction

At the most recent meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the distinguished Warren Washington presented a paper by a team of scientists called Climate Change Projections for the Twenty-First Century and Climate Change Commitment in the CCSM3, which is about projecting our future climate with general circulation (computer) models. The news is not good, unsurprisingly,Continue reading “A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction”

Consensus Comes out of Catastrophe, Unfortunately

In The New York Times, John Broder makes a simple point that deserves repeating: It sometimes seems that it takes a catastrophe to create consensus. The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11 all shattered partisan divisions and led, at least for a time, to enhanced presidential power and a rush of bipartisan lawmaking (someContinue reading “Consensus Comes out of Catastrophe, Unfortunately”