A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction

At the most recent meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the distinguished Warren Washington presented a paper by a team of scientists called Climate Change Projections for the Twenty-First Century and Climate Change Commitment in the CCSM3, which is about projecting our future climate with general circulation (computer) models. The news is not good, unsurprisingly,Continue reading “A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction”

Climate Change and the Press: Panel Discussion at Meteorologists Convention

Wednesday at the American Meteorological Society convention in Phoenix, a distinguished panel convened by Bud Ward discussed how the press has handled — or muffed — coverage of climate change. Ward recently published a short book on a series of workshops he pulled together over the last couple of years for high-level journalists and scientists,Continue reading “Climate Change and the Press: Panel Discussion at Meteorologists Convention”

Whack a Climate Mole (killing the global cooling lie)

Two veterans of the climate wars, John Fleck (a reporter) and William Connolley (a scientist) team up for RealClimate to bring perspective — and data — to the endlessly misleading "How can we believe climate scientists about global warming today when back in the 1970s they told us an ice age was imminent?" They write:Continue reading “Whack a Climate Mole (killing the global cooling lie)”