Global warming unpredictability: two stories

Global warming is not for the simple-minded, two stories from the same day last week remind us. As the invaluable Andrew Revkin notes on Dot Earth on 6/15, this past May was the warmest on record. On the same day, from a polar science conference in Oslo, researcher James Overland of NOAA presents evidence toContinue reading “Global warming unpredictability: two stories”

The 2007-2008 La Nina: Coldest in A Decade

A nice chart by NASA of seasonal temperature anomalies, via Climate 411 and Environmental Defense, succinctly makes a point about the cold winter we just experienced, which is that the cold temps of the past couple of months…would have been normal just twenty-five years ago. For more, see the short but unusually informative post byContinue reading “The 2007-2008 La Nina: Coldest in A Decade”