AGU 2012: The Arctic turns towards the Dark Side

At a pre-conference mixer for this year's fall meeting of the AGU, I looked out at the teeming hordes and wondered — do I know anybody here?  But then I ran into Kelly Redmond, who helps direct the Desert Research Institute, and is one of the nicest and most thoughtful climatologists I know, and unfailinglyContinue reading “AGU 2012: The Arctic turns towards the Dark Side”

Deserts Far Better Carbon Sink Than Expected

Some actual good news today, from a research team at one of this countries premier climate research centers, the Desert Research Institute, which reports that unspectacular desert plants may be far better at taking CO2 out of the atmosphere than previously thought. The annual removal of the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere was upwards ofContinue reading “Deserts Far Better Carbon Sink Than Expected”