Climate change denial at Drudge

The day after an excellent story by Justin Gillis in the Times lays out the impact of climate change denial in the GOP re: science, the popular right-wing Drudge site headlines theastonishing number of weather-related disasters that hit the U.S. this year — 2011: The year in extreme weather. Included was a NASA satellite pictureContinue reading “Climate change denial at Drudge”

Church of England Invests in Al Gore

And not a token amount, either — more than $200 million, according to Religous Intelligence: The Church of England’s Church Commissioners have gone green, investing £150 million with former US Vice-President Al Gore’s environmentally minded investment firm, Generation Investment Management. The First Church Estates Commissioner, Andreas Whittam Smith reported that in late September the CommissionersContinue reading “Church of England Invests in Al Gore”