Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs

In a talk in the largest room at the Moscone Center of the American Geophysical Union today, Jeff Sachs, an economist from Columbia-Doherty, currently working for the United Nations, said frankly that the meeting of nations in Paris next year will be the world's "last chance" at climate safety.  Sachs just came from the climateContinue reading “Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs”

Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Smoke Enviromentalists in Congress

Before criticizing enviros too harshly for their ineffectiveness, as I did yesterday, and numerous others have as well, perhaps I should have looked at the numbers. The Center for Responsive Politics  has done just that, and the results are sobering. Here's how it looks for the environment in the 3rd quarter: ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTA high-profileContinue reading “Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Smoke Enviromentalists in Congress”