Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs

In a talk in the largest room at the Moscone Center of the American Geophysical Union today, Jeff Sachs, an economist from Columbia-Doherty, currently working for the United Nations, said frankly that the meeting of nations in Paris next year will be the world's "last chance" at climate safety.  Sachs just came from the climateContinue reading “Paris meeting on climate in 2015 “last chance”: Sachs”

Don’t like the latest science? Kochify the News!

As has been much discussed, the Tribune chain of newspapers — including the Los Angeles Times — is up for sale, and the billionaire Koch Brothers say they want to buy it, according to reliable sournces, including the Wall Street Journal. A HuffPo summary: Tribune emerged from bankruptcy in 2012, and began preparations to sell offContinue reading “Don’t like the latest science? Kochify the News!”

Want to boycott Koch Bros. products? There’s an app…

The 21st century has another technological moment. Yesterday a new application for mobile phones was released. It can reveal to a shopper with a smartphone what products profit the fossil fuel billionaires the Koch brothers. The app, called Buycott, is eighteen months in the making, and actually is designed to reveal the corporate structures behindContinue reading “Want to boycott Koch Bros. products? There’s an app…”

GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data

Look familiar?  The blue line in the above graph represents the global temperature dataset gathered by James Hansen and his team at GISS/NASA over the last twenty years. Hansen has presented this chard and this data countless times at countless talks on countless occasions around the world.  The black line represents a "skeptical" scientist's interpretationContinue reading “GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data”

Billionaire brothers take control of House committee

Just when a sensible person is ready to throw in the towel on The Los Angeles Times, figuring it no longer has the will or the resources to cover national news, on Sunday they put on the front page a first-rate story that reveals how the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, aka The Kochtopus, have come toContinue reading “Billionaire brothers take control of House committee”

The “Kochtopus” and climate change

The political blogosphere has been buzzing about a huge story in The New Yorker by Jane Meyer on "the Kochtopus." To put it in short, just as Hillary famous said, there really is a vast right-wing conspiracy, funded by $100 million from the ultra-right-wing Koch brothers, who run a fossil fuels empire. The amount ofContinue reading “The “Kochtopus” and climate change”