Low gas prices: a climate-destroying trap?

A scholar, Ruth Greenspan Bell, and Max Rodenbeck, a former Middle East editor for The Economist, argue in an op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times that the drop in oil prices has as much to do with keeping the U.S. addicted to oil, not to mention defeating climate-saving initiatives, as it does with anything else. Continue reading “Low gas prices: a climate-destroying trap?”

President Obama: Gulf “resilient”: Julia Whitty: “Doomed ecosystem”

Last week the most interesting news on the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico came via veteran environmental reporter Julia Whitty, who was interviewed at length on NPR show Here and Now. In contrast to President Obama, who said on the Today show that there was a "resiliency" in the Gulf, and promised that "essentiallyContinue reading “President Obama: Gulf “resilient”: Julia Whitty: “Doomed ecosystem””

Toles puts the oil spill in a global context

Toles sees the big picture: Unfortunately, it's too true. As Andrew Revkin of the NY Times pointed out a while back, if we actually could see CO2 pollution — if it were, say, pinkish in hue — we might be motivated to act to control emissions and preserve our present-day climate. What our species can'tContinue reading “Toles puts the oil spill in a global context”

Tar on Your Foot: Oil in Ventura County

The down and dirty about Ventura County‚Äôs oil legacy (cover of the VCReporter) By Kit Stolz 04/16/2009 Anyone who has ever lived in the Ventura County area and walked barefoot on the beach has probably at some point felt something sticky on his or her foot and found a black substance commonly kno wn asContinue reading “Tar on Your Foot: Oil in Ventura County”