Prez enraged by fake news of global cooling

The most amazing detail in a story today on Politico a story today on Politico is not that a piece of news sent President Trump into a rage. That seems — if reports of him shouting at CNN can be trusted — to happens on a daily basis. No, the shocking/appalling news is that 45Continue reading “Prez enraged by fake news of global cooling”

Imaginative Reporter Shreds “Global Cooling” Fallacy

With newspaper revenues cratering, most reporters are too busy covering their ever-expanding beats to think imaginatively about ways to cover a story. But Seth Borenstein, who has been reporting on science issues for the Associated Press for years, doesn't need to fear for his next paycheck, and has consistently brought imagination to his work. ConfrontedContinue reading “Imaginative Reporter Shreds “Global Cooling” Fallacy”

Whack a Climate Mole (killing the global cooling lie)

Two veterans of the climate wars, John Fleck (a reporter) and William Connolley (a scientist) team up for RealClimate to bring perspective — and data — to the endlessly misleading "How can we believe climate scientists about global warming today when back in the 1970s they told us an ice age was imminent?" They write:Continue reading “Whack a Climate Mole (killing the global cooling lie)”