IPCC report leaked: global warming a disaster of poverty

Seth Borenstein of the AP leads the national press in reporting on a leaked IPCC report starkly warning that global warming will give us a poorer, sicker, more violent world. And he puts the language of the report itself front and center: "Throughout the 21st century, climate change impacts will slow down economic growth andContinue reading “IPCC report leaked: global warming a disaster of poverty”

Imaginative Reporter Shreds “Global Cooling” Fallacy

With newspaper revenues cratering, most reporters are too busy covering their ever-expanding beats to think imaginatively about ways to cover a story. But Seth Borenstein, who has been reporting on science issues for the Associated Press for years, doesn't need to fear for his next paycheck, and has consistently brought imagination to his work. ConfrontedContinue reading “Imaginative Reporter Shreds “Global Cooling” Fallacy”

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapses

Can we appreciate the bluntness of Seth Borenstein’s reporting for the AP on this? I can…note the factual but alarming phrases he uses, such as "suddenly" "collapses" "risk" "runaway" "global warming" and "British scientist." No false balance in this story. WASHINGTON — A chunk of Antarctic ice about seven times the size of Manhattan suddenlyContinue reading “Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapses”