Ventura County heats faster than Lower 48

by Kit Stolz [published in the Ventura County Reporter April 14, 2022] Ventura County is warming faster than any other county in the continental United States, according to data compiled by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (1). The county has warmed 4.75 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895, which is about a half a degree warmer than eitherContinue reading “Ventura County heats faster than Lower 48”

SoCal is losing its cool (the clouds)

On the eve of a hellacious heat wave — up to 110 this weekend they say — here’s a new fact to contemplate about life in Southern California. We’re losing our cool. Physically, that is. We’re losing clouds and fog in summer over our heads, according to scientific studies and meteorological observations. Here’s the lead from aContinue reading “SoCal is losing its cool (the clouds)”

Ridiculously Resilient Ridge to break down: NWS

Yesterday an exciting pressure chart came my way via the indefatiguable John Fleck of the Albuquerque Journal. Albuquerque, which has had no perceptible precipitation to date this winter, is as interested in the so-called "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" of high pressure that has been blocking any possible weather from the Pacific as we are here inContinue reading “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge to break down: NWS”

Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…

Chris Mooney is now reporting on climate for Grist, which is great news in and of itself. His latest post looks at the huge and deadly floods of this past week in Colorado, and tries to answer the obvious question — did climate change contribute to or worsen these floods? The answer is not aContinue reading “Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…”

Experts Agree on Rain Forecast: It’ll Be Dry. Or Not.

If you talk to the National Weather Service, they will tell you (link) that we're in an "ENSO-neutral" condition, and for that reason they're unwilling to predict the upcoming rain season in our region. But according to this typically excellent story from Rob Krier at the San Diego Union-Tribune, many forecasters who spoke at aContinue reading “Experts Agree on Rain Forecast: It’ll Be Dry. Or Not.”