Still w/the Midwest heatwave: Climate Change? Yes or no?

Probably yes, the recent heat wave in the Midwest can be attributed to global warming, write Stefan Rahmstorf and Dim Coumou for RealClimate. They conclude their statistical discussion with:  …let’s take the most simple case of a normal distribution that is shifted towards the warm end by a given amount – say one standard deviation. Then,Continue reading “Still w/the Midwest heatwave: Climate Change? Yes or no?”

Midwestern Heat Wave: Attribute to global warming?

A Climate Central reporter tries to tease out the contribution of climate change to the unprecedented heat wave in the Midwest, mentioned above, but the attribution studies have yet to be done, and many questions remain.  For instance, the extraordinary leap in temperatures this month in places like Michigan is due in part to theContinue reading “Midwestern Heat Wave: Attribute to global warming?”

Climate: If it’s not a crisis, newspapers can’t be bothered

Talked to my mom last night, and mentioned to her that the Midwest is experiencing a heat wave the likes of which no one alive has ever really seen.  The experts have been floored for a week. It's "unprecedented." Thousands of records broken.   Jeff Masters' weather historian: "It's almost like science fiction –" BillContinue reading “Climate: If it’s not a crisis, newspapers can’t be bothered”

Obama on Ethanol: Supports Corn, Taxes Sugar Cane

For an enviro-type, it’s difficult if not impossible to support Barack Obama when he claims we should be giving ample taxpayer support to growing corn for ethanol, but should not allow Brazil to sell its sugar cane ethanol in this country free of tariff….even though sugar cane ethanol is a far more efficient fuel. That’sContinue reading “Obama on Ethanol: Supports Corn, Taxes Sugar Cane”