Climate suicide in Australia: Chernobyl for government?

The horror of the bushfires enveloping the coasts of Australia brings very bad memories back to those of us who survived similar (I imagine) wildfires in Southern California. The orange skies — “blood red” in New South Wales — the vaporized houses, with the roofs flat on the ground, the animal carcasses, the grim expressionsContinue reading “Climate suicide in Australia: Chernobyl for government?”

Climate scientist admits deception, engulfed in drama

Peter Gleick, the scientist, the advocate, and the MacArthur Fellow, who helms the influential Pacific Institute, today admitted in his column that he did something he shouldn't have in his on-going struggle with the right-wing climate change skeptics at the Heartland Institute:  I attempted to confirm the accuracy of the information in this document [that cameContinue reading “Climate scientist admits deception, engulfed in drama”