Climate suicide in Australia: Chernobyl for government?

The horror of the bushfires enveloping the coasts of Australia brings very bad memories back to those of us who survived similar (I imagine) wildfires in Southern California. The orange skies — “blood red” in New South Wales — the vaporized houses, with the roofs flat on the ground, the animal carcasses, the grim expressionsContinue reading “Climate suicide in Australia: Chernobyl for government?”

Could the Australian floods be caused by climate change?

Are the devastating and deadly recent floods in Australia caused by climate change? No. Australia has always been "a land of drought and flooding rains," as a foundational poem about the nation, My Country, by Dorothy McKellar, described it over a hundred years ago.  But could a tendency towards drought and flood be worsened by climate change?Continue reading “Could the Australian floods be caused by climate change?”

Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed

Is my headline an exaggeration of reality?  If you ask a denier site such as Watts Up With That, no doubt they would scoff, and say it's the usual natural variability. But deniers not only ignore the bad news about global warming obvious to most people on the ground, in places like Sydney and SoCal,Continue reading “Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed”