Climate scientist admits deception, engulfed in drama

Peter Gleick, the scientist, the advocate, and the MacArthur Fellow, who helms the influential Pacific Institute, today admitted in his column that he did something he shouldn't have in his on-going struggle with the right-wing climate change skeptics at the Heartland Institute:  I attempted to confirm the accuracy of the information in this document [that cameContinue reading “Climate scientist admits deception, engulfed in drama”

Sceptics trumpet “climate science crisis” story…that supports global warming

The most popular of denier sites, Watts Up with That, trumpets a major article in Der Spiegel, Germany's most influential magazine, about the controversy in climate science. The article puts what sounds like spin on a lot of quotes, and claims that Dr. Phil Jones, at the heart of the so-called climategate controversy, is "finished."Continue reading “Sceptics trumpet “climate science crisis” story…that supports global warming”

On “Climategate”

Those who refuse to believe in climate change have ginned up the so-called Climategate scandal to obfuscate the inescapable reality of global warming; for more, see David Roberts at Grist, or RealClimate, or (my favorite), a letter writer to Andrew Sullivan (below).  In a recent post, you get to the true insanity of the wholeContinue reading “On “Climategate””