Avoiding over-reaction by any means necessary: NYTimes

Evidently the media adults in the room — excluding The Weather Channel – are going out of their way to underplay the big winter storm hitting the East Coast this weekend. The Times and the Post are not putting it on top of the front page and are avoiding calling it by TWC's name. Meteorological services too are emphasizingContinue reading “Avoiding over-reaction by any means necessary: NYTimes”

Digital movies: The New York Times and the AP

Today the juggernaut also known as the New York TImes had a thoughtful conversation between two of their excellent critics, A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis, on what digitization means for the movies.  An excerpt:  Within the next few years digital projection will reign not only at the multiplexes, but at revival and art houses too.Continue reading “Digital movies: The New York Times and the AP”

In the Footsteps of Mary Oliver

In The New York Times, Mary Duenwald visits the woods near Provincetown, on the afar tip of Cape Cod. This is a land the poet Mary Oliver has made her own, with her soft, limpid, inviting poems. Duenwald almost literally follows in the footsteps of Oliver, just as Oliver herself once followed in the footstepsContinue reading “In the Footsteps of Mary Oliver”