Poll: US sees no problem with climate change

Have been struggling a bit with climate “overwhelm” — the volume of bad news is drowning out my efforts to keep up and post, even my own thoughts. I sympathize with a JPL/NASA scientist and publicist named Laura Faye Tenenbaum: The energy it takes to make honest, interesting and informative content for NASA’s climate website,Continue reading “Poll: US sees no problem with climate change”

Global weirding, vol. 9031

A big story from the Associated Press: Torrential downpours in Texas that have whiplashed the region from drought to flooding. A heat wave that has killed more than 1,800 people in India. Record 91-degree readings in Alaska, of all places. A pair of top-of-the-scale typhoons in the Northwest Pacific. And a drought taking hold in the East. "MotherContinue reading “Global weirding, vol. 9031”

IPCC report leaked: global warming a disaster of poverty

Seth Borenstein of the AP leads the national press in reporting on a leaked IPCC report starkly warning that global warming will give us a poorer, sicker, more violent world. And he puts the language of the report itself front and center: "Throughout the 21st century, climate change impacts will slow down economic growth andContinue reading “IPCC report leaked: global warming a disaster of poverty”

Science: As certain of climate change as of smoking

Will Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press ever get the respect he deserves as a science writer? Doubtful. He's too popular, I guess, and too unpretentious. Covers breaking news still. But let me put it this way: Who has framed the question of the science of climate change more effectively than this?  WASHINGTON – TopContinue reading “Science: As certain of climate change as of smoking”

Digital movies: The New York Times and the AP

Today the juggernaut also known as the New York TImes had a thoughtful conversation between two of their excellent critics, A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis, on what digitization means for the movies.  An excerpt:  Within the next few years digital projection will reign not only at the multiplexes, but at revival and art houses too.Continue reading “Digital movies: The New York Times and the AP”

Did Jerry Brown endorse a peripheral canal yesterday?

Or did the AP botch the story? A University of the Pacific professor who blogs at Valley Economy wants to know. It's a great question. Here's the sentence from the Brown website that the AP read as an endorsement of the "alternative conveyance," also known in the past as the peripheral canal. Support conveyance andContinue reading “Did Jerry Brown endorse a peripheral canal yesterday?”

Horrific Flooding in Asia — as predicted by the IPCC

One-fifth of Pakistan is now underwater, the headlines say. Thousands have died, and this is expected to go down as one of "the worst natural disasters in history." But how "natural" is this disaster, really?  Just an hour ago the Associated Press posted the first news story to look at the flooding in Asia, theContinue reading “Horrific Flooding in Asia — as predicted by the IPCC”

Fire in the Hills

Strange but true: the best coverage I’ve seen of the firest in Goleta and Big Sur has been coming not from the San Francisco Chronicle, not from the Los Angeles Times (although they got some good quotes yesterday), and certainly not from the Associated Press, which has been snore-inducing, but from a reporter from TheContinue reading “Fire in the Hills”