The frustration of the long-term unemployed: The Onion

From the Pew Research Center [pdf link], the General Accounting Office [pdf link] and the Washington Post, the hard news about older unemployed people:  Bad news…55 to 64-year-olds have fared worst in the recession than any other demographic.  But from The Onion, the same kind of news — Matt Millen on TV simply too muchContinue reading “The frustration of the long-term unemployed: The Onion”

A Pas de Deux for Grown-ups

For the last couple of years, I have been complaining about The Los Angeles Times website, which had so many problems it's not even worth the time to list them…well, amazingly, the new version they rolled out a week or so ago is absolutely first-rate. The search function even works. Unbelievable. Here's a sample. AttachedContinue reading “A Pas de Deux for Grown-ups”