A great essay on a great writer: Messud on Camus

A great review will not only change your mind, but make you see — and feel — afresh. Such is Claire Messud's essay on Albert Camus' Algerian Chronicles, in the 50th anniversary issue of the New York Review of Books. Must read! But if you don't, here are some reasons — from Camus — whyContinue reading “A great essay on a great writer: Messud on Camus”

How far we have come on global warming — not!

Yesterday Jason Margolis for The World had an absolutely first-class analysis of the presidential politics of global warming. He began with the GOP front-runner's silence on the issue, which Margolis contrasted against the GOP candidate of four years ago. Here's what John McCain said about climate change while running for President as a Republican: “It’sContinue reading “How far we have come on global warming — not!”

Go blue! The problem with sports as politics

The play-offs (and Ted Rall) remind me that the sports mindset, as the President might say, has its limits.  I hear Noam Chomsky also has some views on sports. In Manufacturing Consent, in front of an adoring audience, he marvels out loud at the intelligence with which "Joe Six Pack" types can on the radioContinue reading “Go blue! The problem with sports as politics”

The central conservative truth…

…and the central liberal truth, perpetually at war. "The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of society. The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself." Boy is that well-put. From a new book of letters written by Daniel PatrickContinue reading “The central conservative truth…”

The politics of climate change denial, worldwide

From George Monbiot: Australian politics provides yet more evidence that climate science divides people along political lines. [Tony] Abbott is no longer an outright denier, though he still insists, in the teeth of the facts, that the world has cooled since 1997(5). Some members of his party go further: Senator Nick Minchin, for example, maintainsContinue reading “The politics of climate change denial, worldwide”