Why so many old-timers don’t see climate change as a problem

The climate is changing all across the country and around the world, but in traditional communities, people often refuse to accept the evidence of its workings, even if demonstrated by scientists. Along this line a story in The New Yorker — called Tangier, the sinking island in the Chesapeake — profiles Mayor James Eskridge, a long-time crabberContinue reading “Why so many old-timers don’t see climate change as a problem”

“Lying is what makes you sound like a conservative”

From Rick Perlstein's dark journey into the mind of Mitt Romney:  It’s time, in other words, to consider whether Romney’s fluidity with the truth is, in fact, a feature and not a bug: a constituent part of his appeal to conservatives. The point here is not just that he lies when he says conservative things,Continue reading ““Lying is what makes you sound like a conservative””

Not everyone on the right likes Marco Rubio: Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher, a true conservative who holds some crunchy values (such as a faith in local foods, architecture respectful of traditional values, and nature) has sharp words for Marco Rubio, the young Florida senator who at a glance seems to be the veep choice most likely to help Mitt Romney: This guy, Rubio, is supposed toContinue reading “Not everyone on the right likes Marco Rubio: Rod Dreher”

The central conservative truth…

…and the central liberal truth, perpetually at war. "The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of society. The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself." Boy is that well-put. From a new book of letters written by Daniel PatrickContinue reading “The central conservative truth…”

On “Climategate”

Those who refuse to believe in climate change have ginned up the so-called Climategate scandal to obfuscate the inescapable reality of global warming; for more, see David Roberts at Grist, or RealClimate, or (my favorite), a letter writer to Andrew Sullivan (below).  In a recent post, you get to the true insanity of the wholeContinue reading “On “Climategate””

Nothing is More Conservative

In l990, Gary Snyder dedicated a new library at UC Davis with a magnificent speech, perhaps the single most eloquent “environmental” speech I’ve ever heard or read.  In it he gave us the library as a watershed, of things and thoughts, and found its commonality with the land on which it stands. It’s called “TheContinue reading “Nothing is More Conservative”

Larison Loses His Temper

The eloquent conservative Larison lost his temper a week ago at Sarah Palin’s "Bridge to Nowhere" lie. Now he’s just pissed: The main innovation of the Bush administration in U.S. foreign policy, the one for which he will be remembered for good or ill, is the placement of preventive war as a means of nonproliferationContinue reading “Larison Loses His Temper”

Green and Conservative in East Tennessee

Interesting post from Kayla Webley of Off the Bus, who reports  (here) that East Tennessee is conservative politically — and environmentally. …conservative here implies much more than tight tax laws and low government interference. To be conservative is, well, to conserve. "It’s been interesting living in East Tennessee because I think it is very muchContinue reading “Green and Conservative in East Tennessee”

Obama: Can He Be Trusted on Coal?

For enviros concerned about global warming, nothing matters more than opposing the construction of new coal plants, in this country and around the world. That’s because coal is by far the most carbon intensive of all fuels. James Hansen, the world’s leading climatologist, has been talking about its menace for years. In an op-ed publishedContinue reading “Obama: Can He Be Trusted on Coal?”