Chamber of Commerce: CO2 regs too costly to economy

"Stop the EPA from hijacking the economy!" So says the US Chamber of Commerce, and claims that the Obama administration's rules on power emissions will cost $50 billion.  Jim Morin sees it differently. After all, the Sandy clean-up alone cost US taxpayers $100 billion, according to those wild-haired radicals at USA Today.  

New climate regs just like Obamacare (or not)

The Obama administration takes a stand on carbon pollution, and calls for a 30% cut in power plant emissions by 2030. For environmentalists, this is heartening news, but what does it mean politically? To Science, the "give states choices" method sounds a lot like Obamacare: That more complex approach makes the new rules somewhat similarContinue reading “New climate regs just like Obamacare (or not)”

CA Fish and Game proposes regs to save sea bass species

Here's my story from the Santa-Barbara Independent. I thought the quote below was the memorable from the hearing, from one of the agency's commissioners at the hearing, about the dangers of fishing aggregations of spawning fish. Fishing massed groups of spawning fish can mislead anglers into unwittingly devastating a fish population in real trouble, aContinue reading “CA Fish and Game proposes regs to save sea bass species”