Not everyone on the right likes Marco Rubio: Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher, a true conservative who holds some crunchy values (such as a faith in local foods, architecture respectful of traditional values, and nature) has sharp words for Marco Rubio, the young Florida senator who at a glance seems to be the veep choice most likely to help Mitt Romney: This guy, Rubio, is supposed toContinue reading “Not everyone on the right likes Marco Rubio: Rod Dreher”

Why People Hate Conservatives

Devout Rod Dreher, a thoughtful man who posts from considerably to the right of the Catholic Church, hates it when the right sneers at environmentalists for caring about the planet. Interesting to hear this kind of disdain coming from one inclined to dislike environmentalists: This flopped over the transom this morning [he writes]: "The YoungContinue reading “Why People Hate Conservatives”

Rod Dreher: Rush Limbaugh is Crack for Conservatives

Fascinating to see America's biggest blowhard become the spokesman for the Republican Party. After hearing Limbaugh's speech to a national convention of conservatives this weekend, President Obama's right-hand man, Rahm Emmanuel, on Face the Nation, happily declared Limbaugh "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party." (No doubt he knows thatContinue reading “Rod Dreher: Rush Limbaugh is Crack for Conservatives”

A Thoughtful Conservative (really!) Contemplates an Environmental/Political Realignment

Rod Dreher, who edits the Dallas Morning News opinion page, and who last year published a wonderful book called Crunchy Cons, today posts a characteristically long, thoughtful, passionate discussion of how voters concerned about the environment may be in a mood to punish the Republican party. He’s not surprised and thinks such punishment may wellContinue reading “A Thoughtful Conservative (really!) Contemplates an Environmental/Political Realignment”

Dueling Drought Stories

The "new normal" in the Southwest is drought, about which we’ll be hearing plenty in the years and decades to come. Even some conservatives, such as the illuminating Rod Dreher, are writing about the fact that Dallas is expected soon to be a Dust Bowl, to the apparent anger and incredulity of most of hisContinue reading “Dueling Drought Stories”