Limbaugh a threat to GOP, warns conservative — in 2009

Almost exactly three years ago, David Frum — for decades a proud Reaganaut who, among his other efforts for the conservative cause, wrote speeches for George W. Bush — broke from right-wing orthodoxy and denounced Rush Limbaugh as a danger to the party.  Every day, Rush Limbaugh reassures millions of core Republican voters that noContinue reading “Limbaugh a threat to GOP, warns conservative — in 2009”

Limbaugh’s Popularity Dives, Hurts GOP

As reported previously, Democratic partisans James Carville and Paul Begala launched an attempt to anoint Rush Limbaugh the head of the GOP in the mind of the American public. This was possible because no one really knows who speaks for the GOP these days, as a poll, from Pew, (here) shows. The top contender isContinue reading “Limbaugh’s Popularity Dives, Hurts GOP”

Limbaugh: The False Prophet

Talked yesterday with an old friend who called, drunk, asking for help. David Yachimowicz once was Rush Limbaugh's biggest fan. Asked him if he still listened to the man. He said no — but that's because he no longer has a radio. He's living on disability, at a Salvation Army. A small detail, but itContinue reading “Limbaugh: The False Prophet”

Rush Limbaugh Mistakes Himself for God

A "joke" Limbaugh told in his weekend speech to the Conservative Political Action Caucus to show that he's not pompous or arrogant: Larry King passed away, goes to heaven. He's greeted by Saint Peter at the gates. Saint Peter says, "Welcome, Mr. King, it's great to have you here. I want to show you around,Continue reading “Rush Limbaugh Mistakes Himself for God”

Rod Dreher: Rush Limbaugh is Crack for Conservatives

Fascinating to see America's biggest blowhard become the spokesman for the Republican Party. After hearing Limbaugh's speech to a national convention of conservatives this weekend, President Obama's right-hand man, Rahm Emmanuel, on Face the Nation, happily declared Limbaugh "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party." (No doubt he knows thatContinue reading “Rod Dreher: Rush Limbaugh is Crack for Conservatives”

STOP THE PRESSES! Rush Limbaugh Sees Environmental Problem

For perhaps the first time ever in his radio career, Rush Limbaugh has spotted an environmental problem. He talked about how bad publicity thanks to Hurricane Gustave could hurt the image of the Republican convention on Wednesday. He asked former Republican candidate Mike Huckabee a question about it live on the air on Wednesday: LIMBAUGH: Continue reading “STOP THE PRESSES! Rush Limbaugh Sees Environmental Problem”

Why Limbaugh (Really) Hates McCain

Given that John McCain is universally considered to be the most electable of all Republican candidates this year, a lot of us pinko lefties have been wondering why rightwing radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh hates him so much. I mean, sure, McCain is "soft" on torture, and believes we are changing the climate with greenhouse gases,Continue reading “Why Limbaugh (Really) Hates McCain”