A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God

A lot of scientists — not all, but a good number, I must say — see to regard the English language as a mortal enemy which must be evaded with jargon, neutered with utterly emotionless prose, and crushed under heavy statistical arguments. Often I find that the graphics are the only legible part of aContinue reading “A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God”

A New Word for Disaster: Pyrocumulus

This century we as a culture have learned words for a lot of what might be called "new disasters" — climactic scenarios rarely if ever experienced on the planet in the past, such as Category Five, Sea Level Rise, and Arctic Amplification. Well, here's another to add to the list: Pyrocumulus. Here's what the pyrocumulusContinue reading “A New Word for Disaster: Pyrocumulus”

An Idyll in the Southern Sierra to a SoCal Hell

We're only talking about 100 miles and 10,000 feet, but my God, the shock I had, going from serenity at Muir Lake to the hell that is Lancaster/Paledale under the plume of the burning of thousands of acres of chaparral.  Here's what I'm calling Muir Beach at the spectacular (and empty) Muir Lake: And here'sContinue reading “An Idyll in the Southern Sierra to a SoCal Hell”