Into the Red: Ventura County’s new climate

Today the Ventura County Reporter ran my story on a study looking at climate change in this area in the next twenty years. I hope to write a full story on climate action and the underlying question: how much is the county contributing to warming, and how much are we Ventura county residents doing toContinue reading “Into the Red: Ventura County’s new climate”


Here’s the image that inspired scientist Bill Patzert to call a particularly epic El Niño “Godzilla.”                                   See that monster lurking off Central America? With the jagged jaws and the beady little green eye? Here’s the story that explains whyContinue reading “FORECAST: GODZILLA”

Fun is a disaster that couldn’t really happen: Sharknado

So says the director of the instantly notorious Sharknado: Anthony C. Ferrante, the director of "Sharknado," studied the raining-animal phenomenon after he came up with the title "Sharknado," but kept hard science at bay, referencing one blood-soaked scene where a character uses a chainsaw to cut himself out of a shark that swallows him wholeContinue reading “Fun is a disaster that couldn’t really happen: Sharknado”

El Nino 2010: Small, medium, large…or wanna-be?

The infamous El Niño, bringer of warm winters and rain to Southern California, is back, NOAA says, and thanks to a surprisingly wet November, we're still ahead of normal in our total rainfall for this water year. Wouldn't you like to know what that really means? The truth is, no one knows. But for theContinue reading “El Nino 2010: Small, medium, large…or wanna-be?”

Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed

Is my headline an exaggeration of reality?  If you ask a denier site such as Watts Up With That, no doubt they would scoff, and say it's the usual natural variability. But deniers not only ignore the bad news about global warming obvious to most people on the ground, in places like Sydney and SoCal,Continue reading “Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed”

El Nino or El Fizzle?

This year’s boy child is looking considerably less robust than advertised just three months ago. From a typically excellent story by Rob Krier in the San Diego Union Tribune: Anyone counting on El Niño to wipe out California’s drought this winter may be counting chickens long before they’ve hatched. Long-range forecasters are less and lessContinue reading “El Nino or El Fizzle?”

A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God

A lot of scientists — not all, but a good number, I must say — see to regard the English language as a mortal enemy which must be evaded with jargon, neutered with utterly emotionless prose, and crushed under heavy statistical arguments. Often I find that the graphics are the only legible part of aContinue reading “A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God”

NO MORE WATER: Scientists, Oak Trees Predict Drought

After an unusually dry winter, experts in climate and weather are predicting drought for Ventura County and Southern California.         Southern California experienced the driest fall and winter in over a century, according to the National Oceanographic and Atrmospheric Administration, and the drought is expected to continue and widen across the region. Continue reading “NO MORE WATER: Scientists, Oak Trees Predict Drought”