Is it too late to stop climate change? (the Onion)

Reporting from Geneva, the Not the New York Times: A new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned Monday that global warming is likely to become completely irreversible if no successful effort is made to slow down the trend before 2006. Unless greenhouse-gas emissions are drastically reduced by then, the report concludes,Continue reading “Is it too late to stop climate change? (the Onion)”

Point of no return for climate is 2017: IEA

The staid, uncontroversial International Energy Agency said last week that we have five years to preserve our present-day climate. It's generally agreed that warming of more than 2 degrees Celsius risks disaster. Their studies show that most of that is already built in. In the words of Wonk Blog's Brad Plummer: The key issue hereContinue reading “Point of no return for climate is 2017: IEA”

Greenland ice sheet doomed: Richard Alley

While I was on vacation last week, nothing much seemed to happen. Oh, massive flooding in Pakistan, heat waves in Russian, but beyond disasters in foreign countries, no one I talked to recalled anything. Today I come across a report in The Guardian that Richard Alley, perhaps this nation's premier expert in ice sheet formationContinue reading “Greenland ice sheet doomed: Richard Alley”