Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011

Despite the well-publicized woes of the media, the US press still produces some great stories. Here are three great trend stories from just this week: Sex and Obesity: An intimate report from the front lines on NPR Birdnesting: A way around custody battles, in the Ventura County Star Overdose deaths from prescription drugs surpass trafficContinue reading “Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011”

The Upside of the Economic Downslide

Less traffic. According to the WSJ: Rush-hour congestion — defined as moving slower than free-flowing traffic — in the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan markets fell 29% in 2008 versus 2007, said Rick Schuman, a vice president at Inrix, a Washington company that measures traffic patterns. It fell an additional 7% in this year's first quarter.…TheContinue reading “The Upside of the Economic Downslide”