Students vs. obesity in Santa Paula CA

Let me belatedly post the main story I have been at work on for the last six months or so, as part of a Reporting on Health fellowship, about obesity — and those battling it — in Santa Paula.  Turns out, appropriately, it's students and young adults who have taken up the fight. Not toContinue reading “Students vs. obesity in Santa Paula CA”

How the poor go from food stamps to “food swamps”

All year the Washington Post has been running a series on food stamps that will drop your jaw, but probably the best of all has been this report from South Texas called Too Much of Too Little: McAllen, Tex. — They were already running late for a doctor’s appointment, but first the Salas family hurried intoContinue reading “How the poor go from food stamps to “food swamps””

Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011

Despite the well-publicized woes of the media, the US press still produces some great stories. Here are three great trend stories from just this week: Sex and Obesity: An intimate report from the front lines on NPR Birdnesting: A way around custody battles, in the Ventura County Star Overdose deaths from prescription drugs surpass trafficContinue reading “Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011”