The Naked Woman and the Violin (cf. Nancy Rommelman)

At a recent panel about the woes of the press in an era of devastating change, the brilliant Tom Rosenstiel (the founder and director of the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism) related a parable he likes to tell about how to attract the public's attention. He contrasted two characters: a young woman who hadContinue reading “The Naked Woman and the Violin (cf. Nancy Rommelman)”

Too Busy for Beauty

Would passers-by notice if one of the greatest violinists in the world today worked the street in Washington, D.C.? Today the Washington Post magazine runs a fascinating piece by Gene Weingarten called Pearls Before Breakfast to find out. The answer, essentially, is "no." But there were a couple of exceptions. One was a former violinist:Continue reading “Too Busy for Beauty”